Thank you SO MUCH for the great embroidery you did for Hand In Hand Farm! I have not been able to believe how many comments and questions we get from people seeing the logo on vests and jackets.


Your work was so professionally and so smoothly done! And...my favorite jacket........it was donated to us but had a different logo embroidered on it when it was given to us. You un-broidered the old logo, and re-broidered ours in the same place....wow! Thank you! When your web site is up and running, I would be happy to add pictures and such of what we do with rebuilding families and say how you have helped us!

  Dave Berger

  Hand In Hand Farm






This was the best advertising we've ever had!


People ask about our logos, conversations start, and our support grows.    
In the 3 weeks since our staff started wearing the logos around town, we have had representatives from 2 major businesses ask about sponsoring our program! (Nutrina Feeds and Costal) It's jaw-dropping what a difference the logos make in people's reactions to us. Overnight your embroidering has changed our status in the eyes of everyone we talk to. You've effectively tripled our overall marketing effectiveness. Thanks so much, Barb!
The quality surpassed our grandest dreams! It was beautiful!
   Susan Davis
   Member of the Board of Directors
   Hand-In-Hand Farm, Inc.