Barb Buhler at Work

About Me

My love affair with machine embroidery began in 1999, when I purchased my first home embroidery sewing machine.  Watching a design stitch out in front of my eyes was entirely fascinating.  Using brightly colored threads to paint a picture opened up a whole new world for me.

From that first day on, I was hooked.   If an item could be embroidered, I did it:  t-shirts, jacket backs, sport bags, towel sets, baby blankets, hats, fabric baby books, burp rags and even greeting cards.   Needless to say, most gifts given to my family and friends were personalized machine embroidered items.

When both of my parents passed away in 2010 there was a small inheritance left to divvy up between 6 kids.  It was at that time I thought about investing in a commercial embroidery machine to turn my passion into a business.  The money from my folks’ estate allowed me the opportunity  to do just that.  SALT CREEK EMBROIDERY opened for business a short time later.


You may be wondering why there is a barn logo next to SALT CREEK EMBROIDERYThe reason being, when it came time to set up my commercial embroidery machine, there was no place available in the house.  We decided to make a shop in the barn close to our house for my work area.  It took some time and labor to transform an old barn into my shop, but my wonderful husband and three adult kids were able to do accomplish that goal.  Not only does the barn logo represent my workspace, but my husband and I also live and work on a real farm, complete with chickens, goats, dogs and a horse.  SALT CREEK EMBROIDERY hopefully will help to supplement our income now and well into the golden years.